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accommodation cobram

If you’re looking for accommodation in Singapore, the number one place to start is no other than the very friendly and convenient Accommodation Cobram. Established in 1998, this first of its kind hotel has not only been able to survive the post-millennium economic slowdown, but has flourished well in spite of it. In fact, many tourists from the West come to Singapore just to enjoy staying in Accommodation Cobram – a sign of just how popular the place is. If you have also never heard of it, then it’s time to get introduced as you will soon discover why this hotel has a fan club of tourists who return on a regular basis.

Why this hotel has a fan club of tourists?

One thing that sets Accommodation Cobram apart from many hotels in the city is that it offers a more homely atmosphere. The first thing that will greet you when you step into the lobby are the comfortable and inviting chairs with matching stools. From there, you can take a quick look at the numerous amenities which are scattered all over the property. A quick tour of the kitchen will show you that there are a lot of useful appliances here, as well as a dining table, TV screen, and DVD player. All these and much more are ready for your use, whether you are looking for an ideal place to have dinner with your friends or enjoying your own private reading session after a hard day’s work.

Accommodation Cobram also offers visitors a very good choice of rooms, with a range of different facilities to suit every budget and requirement. The rooms themselves are tastefully designed with a minimalist approach, with the focus on providing the maximum comfort for the least money possible. This is evident by the relatively low cost of the overall hotel accommodation as compared to many 5 star hotels in the same area. The hotel is located in a central area in the city, close enough to the various attractions to make it easy to get to without having to travel too far away. The majority of the rooms in Accommodation Cobram are carpeted, while some come with hardwood flooring to add a touch of elegance to the surroundings.

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