Buying PPE Goggles For Your Young Children

Buy Face Shields

As a parent, it is imperative that you buy the best possible pair of face shields for your children. While there are many inexpensive face shields available, they cannot compare to the technology and the special effects that are offered with high-end ppe goggles. The most popular brand of pPE for kids is Replogle, which offers a full line of high quality, affordable protective gear for young people. Replogle also offers glow in the dark kits and sump pumps, so that you can ensure that your child’s goggles will be as safe as possible when in the dark. Source

The most important part of buying a pair of face shields is making sure that the model you choose is compatible with your face. PPE differ slightly from traditional eyeglasses in that they must fit over the entire top of the face and come with straps that go across the top and bottom of the head. If your child’s head is shaped like a pear, then a standard size will fit, but if the top is shaped like a football then you need to buy face shields that have “crooked” straps. You should always consult a physician before buying a new pair of face shield, but in general pPEs fit just fine and are comfortable for children.

When you buy face shields, you have to decide what style you want. The most popular style is called a medical face shield, which is specifically designed to prevent tears and abrasions to the eye and medical problems. There are two styles – the soft cover that goes around the entire top and “flips up” to cover your eyes; and the hard top that goes on the top half and rolls down to cover your eyes. The medical style is not recommended for children under 6 years old. In addition to protecting your child’s eyes, these glasses help reduce the risk of developing droplets by reducing glare.

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