Asbestos Mornington Peninsula

If you were to tour the area of Phase One Asbestos Mornington Peninsula, you will certainly be greeted with a “welcoming committee” sign. This small but spectacular community lies just north of Melbourne, Australia, right in the middle of the Great Dividing Range. It is the largest unincorporated community in the Pilbara and is home to more than two hundred permanent residents. Unlike a lot of other towns in the area, asbestos is not a main industry or centre of commerce, but is instead a thriving art and craft industry that continues to prosper even in today’s economy.


Many of the people who call this region of Victoria home are artists and crafters, whose talents often benefit those people down the street. You will find artists making glass art, pottery, paintings and sculpture, some of whom specialize in one particular area of art. The Glass Crafters Studio is one such example, where their fantastic creations are on display for those who stop by. Not only is the quality of their work superb, but their prices are unbelievably low. You can easily spend a day there and not feel like you have spent much money at all.

One of the things that makes Asbestos Mornington Peninsula such a delightful community is that it is a place where everybody knows each other. This is another great reason for which it makes an ideal tourist destination: because you can get to know the people who run the shops and the places you eat and drink. You will meet fellow artists and crafters who will be glad to tell you all about the history of their local area as well as the stories behind their pieces. Of course, you don’t need to learn a thing about Asbestos to enjoy it; you can just visit the cafe where you can get a tasty breakfast or lunch. But if you do want to learn more, there are many resources available to you on the internet that tell you everything you need to know. In fact, a short online search will turn up a lot of information for you to mull over.

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