Psychic Medium Skills

Mediums, as mentioned earlier, have numerous ways they use to communicate with the spiritual world. Some of the abilities they possess include, intuition, clairvoyance, and some identify themselves as empaths. Let’s break down these abilities a little further…

Intuition: a gifted person who always knows things even without being told about them.

A lot of intuitive people become expert Tarot card readers since this skill makes them aware of what is happening in the spiritual world even before they give a reading. Another name for intuition is clairsentience.

Clairvoyance: An individual that possesses the ability to see things blocked out of the average human eye. The ability comes in handy in remote viewing; people bearing this gift are well renowned as they use the skill to locate lost objects and also finding missing persons.

Empath: For some individuals, their psychic abilities manifest differently. They start sensing the emotions and feelings of other people even before they share verbally what they’re thinking or also feeling.

When these three skills are used for mediumship, the readers can make fast connections with the spirit world.

They pick up the spirit of the individual you are reaching out to, and through these connections, they not only receive the coded messages but translate the same to you in the language you can understand. To know that they are in communication with a loved one, passing along information or a recollection of something only the deceased knew. 

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