Psychic Medium Explanation

By going through the traditional route, we get a simple explanation that a psychic medium is an individual who communicates with the dead. The gifted person acts as a conduit between you (the living), and a loved one that has passed. Mediums perceive messages from the spiritual world from different angles. Some psychics gain intuitive […]

Psychic Medium Skills

Mediums, as mentioned earlier, have numerous ways they use to communicate with the spiritual world. Some of the abilities they possess include, intuition, clairvoyance, and some identify themselves as empaths. Let’s break down these abilities a little further… Intuition: a gifted person who always knows things even without being told about them. A lot of […]

Different Types Of Mediumship

As you have learned, psychic mediums use different ways of reaching out into the universe to connect with the spiritual energy of the deceased. Below, we mention a couple of popular ways they undertake this fete. Direct Voice: After practicing mediumship for several years, expert psychic mediums harness the direct voice power. During a seance, […]