01/10/2014 – Call for Researchers 2014/15 opens
  • Houses of Parliament (William Warby/Flickr)
    How Spin has Destabilised British Politics

    By Chris Allen. Since the 1990s spin has become the accepted way to conduct politics. Its use has defined our political age by being associated with Blairism, the Iraq war and David Cameron’s repositioning of the Conservative Party. However, spin has had a destabilising effect on British politics:

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  • Freedom from Frontex
    The European Refugee Crisis – A German Perspective

    By Lisa Jörke. Around the world, a growing number of conflicts and disasters threaten the livelihood and security of people, leading to the highest occurrence of forced migration since the end of the Second World War. The European continent, too, is registering ever-increasing numbers of refugees

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  • Natural Capital
    Natural Capital: Integrating Environment and Economy or Neoliberalising Nature?

    By Ben Connor. Nature is in a terrible state. Last September, WWF hit the headlines when its latest Living Planet report concluded with the striking statistic that the earth had lost 50% of its population of wild animals in the last forty years. Yet in the world of conservation, such figures are increasingly

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  • Ukraine
    Hybrid Warfare in Ukraine – Russian Aggression and How Ukraine Can Survive the Crisis

    By Frank Mouritz. “There is no military solution for the Ukrainian crisis”. This mantra is shared among European leaders, US President Obama, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Ukrainian President Poroshenko alike. While the international community is profoundly convinced that a military approach

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